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From gold coins to Bitcoin, God has always had a financial game plan. Merging Biblical and practical monetary principles, author Donnell Duncan carefully guides you along on a journey through five stages of personal economic development; Entry-Level, Middle Management, Executive Management, Entrepreneurship, and Investing. 

With meticulously documented research, this book takes you for a ride on the money train, from its coined, golden past through its inflated, paper present to its block-chained, digital future. In the end, you will receive valuable tools to benefit from the upcoming wealth transfer using The Joseph Principle and create multi-generational wealth using F.I.S.H. (Free cash flow; Investments; Savings; Home-ownership). Embrace God's financial game plan with one of the year's bestseller books.


The Author

Donnell Duncan, P.E., S.E. is a passionate investor. He loves to invest in people, the work of the ministry and the stock market. He is the pastor of The Body Church in Atlanta, GA along with his wife, Angel Duncan, Ph.D. He is the son of Apostles Emanuel Vivian and Jemma Duncan of Divine Destiny Worship Centre out of Trinidad and Tobago. Professionally, Mr. Duncan is a senior professional structural engineer licensed in over 20 US states and an engineering professor. He obtained a BS in applied physics from Morehouse College, along with a BS and an MS in civil engineering (structural emphasis) from Georgia Institute of Technology.

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We are non-denominational, diverse and passionate for Jesus. We love God’s Word, love God’s people and love to worship. Join us for one of our services. We would love to see you! 

Free Sample Chapter - F.I.S.H.

In the United States, regarded as the most financially prosperous country in the world, the cycle of poverty continues to trap many households. One way to fix the problem is the “Robin Hood” approach. Take the excess money from the rich and give it to the poor. That can be done lawfully through taxation, charitable giving, and Government programs. Some people wish that could happen right now. If only the rich people would just give the poor people their excess money all will be well in the world.

However, if the demographic profiles remain the same, there is a high probability that the wealth distribution will also remain the same long-term.

The Fish with the Coin in Its Mouth - F.I.S.H. (pdf)



This video provides highlights from our recent workshop "Preparing for Economic Recession 2020 - Part 1". This event was a production of Decatur Community Workshops. It was hosted on Facebook Live at www.facebook.com/thebodychurchinc

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