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The War on Prosperity

After the Great Recession at the turn of the 21st century, evidence of the growing wealth gap in the US became clearer and clearer. Animosity toward the wealthy grew exponentially among middle and working class Americans culminating in mass protests like the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. The backlash against financial prosperity also affected The Body of Christ.

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Chapter One - The Fish with the Coin in Its Mouth

The fish with the coin in its mouth represents people with crucial resources that The Kingdom needs at any given time. God wants to teach us how to recognize who they are and catch them. Furthermore, for many of us, God wants to teach us how to become one of them. In other words, don’t just learn how to catch the fish with the coin in its mouth that meets a vital need in God’s Kingdom. Be the fish.

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Chapter Two - Bridging The Wealth Gap

Wealth inequality is a known fact in the US as well as the rest of the world. The rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer not because it’s fair but because that’s how things work in an economy. If the rich keep doing what makes them rich while the poor keep doing what makes them poor the status quo will remain. Nothing changes until people start doing something different and people can’t do something different until they know something different to do.  

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Chapter Three - Testing Your Financial IQ

Outside of regular compensation for work, money tends to flow in one general direction. Simply put; money flows out of the hands of consumers into the hands of producers, investors, and traders. Thus, the rich tend to be producers and traders while the poor tend to be consumers. Which one are you? Here’s a simple financial IQ test which will help you to find out. 

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Chapter Four - Developing Financial Intelligence

Jesus said to use your worldly resources to benefit others and use money to make friends so that when your possessions are gone they will welcome you into an eternal home. That’s a mouthful and for many years I had no idea what it meant. Then one day The Holy Spirit opened it up wide and revealed the gems of wisdom hidden inside.

Chapter Five - The Biggest Financial Challenge Ever

Do you know what is the biggest financial challenge ever? Keeping the money you earn and making it grow. It might seem simple but it’s easier said than done. When compared to the other dimensions of personal finance including income, expenditure, and liabilities, unique challenges are faced when maintaining assets or executing effective investment strategies.

Chapter Six - Climbing The Economic Ladder

What I once perceived as one big pool of information which generally applied to all Christians equally should really be broken down into five categories or stages of financial development. At each stage, there are controlling Biblical principles that must be successfully applied for a Christian to be guided by The Lord to the next stage. 

Chapter Seven - Is It Time To Make A Move?

There is a time for everything and for an entry-level worker that includes the time to leave your job for something bigger and better. One of the most important questions you must ask yourself is if the time has come for you to make a move. You must be honest with yourself. Have you overstayed your welcome at your current place of employment? 

Chapter Eight - Middle Management

Mid-level managers are typically responsible for a relatively small group of employees or in some cases, a small business unit. They are not owners and can be fired at any point by upper management or company ownership for unsatisfactory performance. It’s a step up from being an entry-level worker but it is a step down from being an executive.  

Chapter Nine - Executive Management

A wise man once said, “Nobody starts on top unless they’re digging a grave.” Excellence in middle management is the first big step to upper-level management. When you receive a middle management opportunity, be grateful and make the most of it.  The next step up will be even greater. Joseph’s first management opportunity did not come in the King’s palace. It came as a slave in Potiphar’s house.

Chapter Ten - Entrepreneurship

I can’t identify one person who wants to remain in the rat race for a lifetime. Who doesn’t dream of starting a business? Think about it! When you work for yourself you wake up in the morning and give your best hours to build a company that you own. Each new client, contract or project has personal worth to you and the future of your family. It’s not easier than working for someone else but it’s much more rewarding. 

Chapter Eleven - Investing

In the parable of the investor, the leader of the country put his money in the hands of his servants with the expectation that they would find ways to increase it. This is the fifth stage of our simplified version of personal economic development. When you have acquired sufficient funds to comfortably finance your lifestyle you have the option of spending on luxuries, building your savings or investing. Investors no longer only work for their money but their money works for them. 

Chapter Twelve - The Joseph Principle

God’s financial ideal for His Kingdom is generational wealth. Each generation should leave an inheritance for the next two. In this way, each generation builds on the wealth of the previous two. We see that taking place quite frequently in some demographics but not necessarily as much in others.

Chapter Thirteen - The Ministry of Giving

In the list of gifts available to the Body of Christ, giving stands out from the rest. Per the scripture, the same way that God can give a Christian the gift of prophecy, teaching or leadership He can enable someone with the supernatural ability to give. What stands out about giving is that unlike the other six gifts in the list, giving includes something tangible. 

Chapter Fourteen - Fitting The Tithe Into Our Modern Economy

There’s no way we could honestly complete a comprehensive study of finances in The Bible without delving into the tithe. It represents the single, most reliable and consistent form of Kingdom financing God ever created. Churches may choose to supplement their income with special offerings and the occasional fundraiser (bake sale, fish fry, concert, etc.).  Yet, none of these will ever replace God’s original system of tithing. 

Chapter Fifteen - No Money, No Problem

My life changed completely the day I understood that money was merely a tool. I know that sounds a bit simplistic but the concept of currency simply blew my mind. As a civil society, we have chosen to assign specific values to currency which we present in exchange for goods or services of equal value. Without the gold standard, currency as an entity of its own, particularly paper currency, has little to no intrinsic value. Therefore, money, as we know it, is a means to an end. 

Chapter Sixteen - Parting Thoughts on Kingdom Economics

In sum, let's get real about a few things. The rich are still getting richer and the poor are still getting poorer while the middle class is being stretched thin. That's not changing soon. Nothing is for certain in this world so put your trust in The Lord. Many people are in a state of complete fear concerning their financial future and that's understandable. We can't participate in that. The Lord is on our side and He won't abandon us at a time like this.

Chapter Seventeen - The Future of Money (Cryptocurrency)

The bottom line for cryptocurrency is clear. It’s the future of money. As business transactions increasingly move online so will currency. Just consider the meteoric rise of online marketplaces like and the devastating impact it has had on “brick and mortar” stores. In the same way, consider how much more people shop online now than they do at malls. Change may not be desired by all but it is inevitable.

Chapter Eighteen - The End of Money

In sum, Revelation 18 helps us to understand how the world’s economy will come to an end. It also directs us to the major players and even helps to narrow down the exact identity of Babylon. It is now up to you to evaluate the facts, make an informed decision and plan your life accordingly.